About AMA

Anthony Macauley Associates provides GX management software solutions to the public sector. Developed in Canada, GX is a suite of bilingual software that brings finance and enterprise management to a new level.

If you are a public sector organization that needs an effective upgrade in your Performance, Project, Financial or Salary Management tools, we have a team that can build an ideal product for you.

Our quarter-century plus of experience is at your disposal when you require a management software system that is powerful, manageable, and flexible to your needs.

Our Mission: to provide seamless and effective management tools using innovation

Our Vision: to be a global performance and results based management technology provider

Our Values: integrity, accuracy, dedication, excellence

Why Choose us?

GX is built with an orientation to the public sector.

Often, software companies try to sell solutions that are designed for businesses forcing public sector to adapt systems that do not fit. Our programs are tailored to the specific requirements of each department to allow maximum flexibility.

We remain the best choice for accountability-conscious organizations. Since our inception in 1978, AMA products have been successfully deployed at the municipal, provincial, and federal levels for departments and agencies in Canada, Jamaica, Barbados, Romania, and the United States.

Our People

AMA is a unity of two teams bound by tight cooperation. Our Development Department produces software in Victoria, BC, while people in Ottawa, ON take care of government customers on-site.

AMA has a tradition of hiring highly professional staff willing to work as a team for the benefit of its customers.